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Production-Ready Prisma

Transform your Prisma projects into production-ready powerhouses with this in-depth course. Master advanced features, optimization strategies, and best practices to deliver rock-solid production applications.

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Spinning up Prisma in development is easy.
But what about production?

  • Prisma makes it really easy to get started on an application with a type-safe database. But when it's time to go to production, that's where things can get tricky.
  • How do you handle migrations when deploying? What about rolling back changes if something goes wrong? Or when connection limits are hit in serverless applications?
  • How do you know if you're using Prisma efficiently and that your queries won't cause bottlenecks down the road?
  • What's the best way to collaborate on a Prisma schema as a large team? How can you avoid stepping on each others schema changes and prevent rolling out changes that might break things in production?
  • If complex queries are needed, what's the best way to handle them with Prisma Client? What about situations that call for a transaction block?

Level-up your Prisma skills and
get ready for production

  • In this course, you'll learn everything necessary to ensure your apps are rock-solid and ready for production. Ryan Chenkie, former Developer Advocate at Prisma, will guide you through advanced Prisma concepts, optimizations, and best practices tailored for real-world applications. You'll explore techniques for managing database connections, handling migrations, and implementing proper error handling, all while enhancing your overall Prisma skill set.
  • By the end of the course, you'll have the confidence and knowledge to build efficient, scalable, and high-performing applications using Prisma, ensuring their success in any production environment.
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Meet Your Instructor

👋 Hey! Thanks for checking out Production-Ready Prisma.

I've been a full stack developer for many years and have built production software for companies large and small. Back in 2020, I fell in love with Prisma, so much so that I decided to take a position there as a Developer Advocate. In that role, I helped developers become successful with their Prisma projects and taught concepts ranging from the very basics to super advanced usage.

I'm excited for the opportunity to teach you everything I know about Prisma and help make sure your apps are ready for production!

Ryan Chenkie

Former Prisma Developer Advocate

Founder of How to Prisma

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Course Topics

Production-Ready Prisma covers a wide a wide range of topics to help you level up your Prisma knowledge and ensure your applications are ready for the big time.


Handling Migrations

Migrations work great until something goes wrong. We explore how to handle a failed migration, including how to use commands for rolling back to an earlier point.


Using Transactions

If we make multiple data writes sequentially but one of them fails, our data can end up in a corrupted state. To solve this, we can use a transaction block and ensure things get rolled back smoothly.


Advanced Type Safety

Prisma's out-of-the-box type safety is a game changer. But what if we want to do more with type safety to make sure our application is rock-solid? We explore how to use Prisma's types to our full advantage.


Hardening Data Access

For most apps, not every user should have access to every row in the database. We explore how to harden data access at the database level and some common patterns for protecting our databases.


Deploying to Serverless

Serverless deployments are great for many reasons but they do pose a challenge for Prisma-backed apps because connection limits can easily become exhausted. We explore the options to overcome this limitation.


Assessing Performance

When our applications start to get slow, there's a good chance the root cause is at the database level. We explore how to assess performance in a Prisma-backed app and how to use Prisma's features for digging deeper into queries.


Complex Queries

Queries with a simple where clause are easy enough to reason about. But what happens when our models and query needs get more complex? We explore how to handle complex query cases including connecting to many records, how to handle sorting, and more.


Multi-Tenant Apps

When building a multi-tenant application, there are a few different options for how to segregate data between tenants. We explore how to use some of Prisma's features to help with separating out tenant data at the database level.

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What the community is saying

Some testimonials from Prisma developers around the world 🌎

Ryan has a ton of experience teaching Prisma, formerly as a Developer Advocate at the company and now through his courses on How to Prisma. He does an excellent job of helping developers understand all of its core concepts, even the hard stuff. If you're looking to level-up your Prisma knowledge, be sure to check out How to Prisma.

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Søren Bramer Schmidt


I've taken a few of Ryan's courses in the past, and they have always been top notch! He has a knack for taking deep technical knowledge and simplifying it in a way that is consumable to the average developer like me. Recently, I've been particularly impressed with his knowledge of databases and, in particular, an ORM called Prisma. It feels like every day I learn something new about Prisma from Ryan through short videos, tweets, etc. If you're looking to learn more about databases and Prisma, I highly recommend his course 'Up and Running with PlanetScale and Prisma'!

photo of customer
James Q Quick


Having worked as a Developer Advocate at Prisma, Ryan probably is one of the best teachers you can find to learn about building production-grade applications in the Prisma ecosystem!

photo of customer
Nikolas Burk


When we started building RedwoodJS, we chose Prisma as our ORM because of how powerful and developer-friendly it is. That said, there are some concepts in Prisma that can be tricky to learn. Ryan does an awesome job of breaking down the tough concepts and presenting them in ways that developers can immediately understand.

photo of customer
Tom Preston-Werner


Ryan is not only a Prisma wizard, he's also an incredible teacher. I've been following him for years and am always impressed with the quality of his courses!

photo of customer
Aaron Francis


Ryan's courses are always top-notch, and I can't recommend him enough. His teaching style is engaging, and he makes even complex topics a breeze to learn.

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Chris Sev